Ep 99: This Is The Future Of Recruitment Advertising

I’m absolutely convinced that the employers who can properly harness the current advances in advertising and marketing technology into their talent attraction strategies, will be the ones who are best able to attract the talent they need in the future.

One key area with vast potential for recruitment marketing is programmatic advertising. Unfortunately, with all the spin and theorizing in our industry, it can be difficult to get a clear understanding of how programmatic advertising works and what its considerably benefits are for recruiting.

My guest this week is Louis Halton-Davies, Digital Advertising Consultant at Crunch Simply Digital. Louis is a hands on practitioner of programmatic for recruiting and offers some highly practical insights into how it works and why you should be using it.

In the interview we discuss:

• How programmatic works

• Why is it such an effective tool for recruitment marketing

• The gold mine of data on corporate career sites

• The Connect, Consider, Convert methodology

• Activating the passive audience

• Effective content formats

• The impact of tailoring the apply process to individual audience


Louis also talks us through a recent case study of programmatic success and offer his advice on how to get started with programmatic.

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Ep 98: High Velocity Hiring

Despite all the recent advances in recruitment technology focused on improving recruitment efficiency, speed of hiring remains a significant issue for the vast majority of organisations. In fact there is actually a growing body of evidence that suggests speed of hiring is slowing down.

So what can employers do to improve this situation? My guest this week is author and consultant Scott Wintrip. Scott has developed a methodology to eliminate hiring delays which he sets out in his recently published book, “High Velocity Hiring”

In the interview we discuss:

• Why time to hire is such a problem

• The concept of Candidate Gravity

• How employers can enrich the flow of talent into their organizations

• Why common interview techniques don’t work and what should be used to replace them

• Maintaining an inventory of talent for on demand hiring

Scott also shares his thoughts on recruitment technology and tells us the single most important question employers should be asking themselves before they make technology investments

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Ep 97: Authentic Employer Branding

Employer Branding has changed significantly in the last few years. Challenges round talent availability and evolving communication trends are forcing companies to think more strategically about the way they get their message out to their markets.

We often hear about Employer Brand innovation in technology companies but how are things now working in more traditional companies? My guest this week is Euan McNair, Talent Acquisition and Employer Brand Consultant at Standard Life who are based in Edinburgh. Standard Life have been doing some interesting employer branding work recently and I know you’ll find the insights that Euan shares fascinating.

In the interview we discuss:

• Why Euan is so passionate about Employer Branding and how he defines it

• The end of job adverts and the rise of employee story telling

• Who owns Employer Brand

• Channels, data and formats

• Having a candidate centric approach

Euan also shares his view on the likely future of the Employer Brand space

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Ep 96: Reinventing Career Sites

Ever since my earliest of days in this industry I’ve be fascinated by Corporate Career Sites. It’s also become very clear to me in recent years that career sites should absolutely be the focal point of the new approaches we are seeing in recruitment marketing. Unfortunately I don’t think many employers have realised just how critical their career site is to their recruiting success.

One person who does understand this though is my guest this week. Adam Templeman is Head of Commercial Staffing at QuintilesIMS. He has recently helped launched a new careers site for the organization and has some great insights to share.

In the interview we discuss:

• How recruitment marketing challenges have stayed the same but the answers have changed

• The vital importance of engaging with target audiences

• Using rich, dynamic and targeted content on career sites

• Getting ATS integration right to increase conversions and improve candidate experience

• Matching employer brand to employee experience

Adam also gives us his views on the importance of automation and talks about what is next for QuintilesIMS

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Ep 95: Data Driven Recruiting

Data and analytics continue to be key topics in Talent Acquisition. But what should employers be measuring, what value can the data give them and how widely is a data driven approach to recruiting actually being adopted?

To answer these questions as well as many others, I’m delighted to welcome Kyle Lagunas, Research Manager at IDC, as my guest for this week’s show. Kyle has been intensely studying the development of data driven recruiting for several years and has some very interesting insights to share.

In the interview we discuss:

• The gap between current technologies and adoption

• The evolution of measurement practices in recruiting

• Recruiting skills versus Recruitment Marketing skills

• How data can be used to optimize a recruiting operation

• What is possible with analytics and how to measure beyond the usual activity metrics

• An example strategic framework for developing data driving recruiting

Kyle also give us his view on the future of some other current trends in talent acquisition including AI, Recruitment Marketing Platform and Chatbots

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