Ep 111: Recruiting For Hyper Growth

Recruiting to help a company grow is a typical situation that many resourcing leaders find themselves in. But what is it like to recruit for a company that is hyper growth mode and what are the key challenges to overcome?

My guest this week is someone who is very familiar with this hyper growth scenario. Justin Anastasi is Talent Acquisition Manager for Evolution Gaming, a company that is currently growing by 50% year on year. In our conversation, Justin talks about the strategies and technology Evolution Gaming use to help them recruit for hyper growth.

In the interview we discuss:

▪ Managing roles as projects

▪ The positive and negatives of automation and the continued importance of humans

▪ The role of technology in supporting process

▪ Stakeholder partnering

▪ Research and Talent Intelligence

▪ The importance of Employer Brand and standing out from the competition

Justin also shares some advice for recruiters facing similar challenges and gives us his predictions for the future of Talent Acquisition.

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Ep 110: Content Led Recruitment Marketing

Effective use of content is a critically important aspect of recruitment marketing. However, in our fast changing media and advertising landscape many employers are struggling to create and amplify content effectively.

My guest this week is Audra Knight, Recruitment Operation Manager at Tenable Network Security. Audra is well known in the industry for being fantastic at harnessing content marketing for recruiting and I’m delighted that she was happy to share so many practical tips during our conversation

In the interview we discuss:

• What do we actually mean by content in the context of recruiting

• Creating a content strategy and the importance of targeting

• Why Facebook is vitally important and how to use it effectively

• The power of paid social

• LinkedIn and Twitter, how do they fit in?

• The importance of video

• Measuring results

Audra talks about the employers she feels are getting content marketing right and gives us some predictions for the future

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Recruiting Future Podcast

Ep 109: The New Rules Of Work

I’m delighted to have Kathryn Minshew as my guest on the show this week. Kathryn in not only the Founder and CEO of careers platform The Muse, she is also a best-selling author. Her book, The New Rules of Work was published earlier this year and provides brilliantly practical advice on managing a career in our ever changing world of work.

As well as providing some fantastic careers content The Muse also works with a large number of employers on employer branding, candidate experience and recruitment marketing and these are the themes we cover in our conversation.

In the interview we discuss:

• The most effective ways employers can acquire talent

• The importance of employee story telling and advocacy

• The culture driven employment market

• Employee experience as a differentiator and why it isn’t about perks

• Experimenting with content formats for storytelling

• Relationships over transactions

Kathryn also shares some brilliant examples from employers who are getting it right and gives her view on how companies will connect with talent in the future

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Recruiting Future Podcast

Ep 108: The Evolution Of The ATS

Anyone familiar with the world of recruiting technology will know that in the last few years the ATS landscape has changed massively with the growth of a new generation of systems that are very different to their predecessors. It was my pleasure to catch up with several new generation providers at the recent HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas a few weeks ago and see how their offerings have developed.

While I was at the show I recorded an interview with ATS veteran Jerome Ternynck. Jerome is the founder of SmartRecruiters which was one of the first new generation systems to be launched and he has some fascinating insights into how the industry is changing.

In the interview we discuss:

• How recruiting technology is finally catching up with the actual needs of recruiters

• The changing nature of talent acquisition

• The need for a proper marketing mix in talent attraction

• How technology can help to improve the candidate experience

Jerome also shares his thoughts on the future of HR Technology

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Recruiting Future Podcast

Ep 107: Fixing The Candidate Experience

I’m just back from The HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas which was, as ever, full of interesting insights. I’ll be sharing an interview I recorded while I was there on next week’s show. On this week’s show, I wanted to follow up on some of the topics raised during my discussion with Elaine Orler in Episode 106 and do a deeper dive into the candidate experience.

My guest this week is self-confessed candidate experience fanatic Alan Walker. Alan is co-founder of The Talent Finders and is also a former in house recruitment leader. He is the perfect person to provide a practitioner’s eye view of the issues surrounding the quest for the perfect candidate experience.

In the interview we discuss:

• Why Alan is so passionate about the candidate experience

• The long terms benefits of providing a quality candidate experience

• Why there is so much talk and so little action on this topic

• What companies can do to fix their candidate experience

• The importance of data throughout the process

Alan also tells us which employers he thinks are doing candidate experience well and shares some of the secrets behind his success with content on LinkedIn.

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Recruiting Future Podcast