Ep 105: Talent Acquisition Innovation

Innovation in talent acquisition is something we talk about a lot on this show. However, in our rapidly evolving times, how do you embed innovation as both a mindset and a process within a large talent acquisition team?

My guest this week is Kerstin Wagner, Head of Talent Acquisition at Deutsche Bahn. Kerstin and her team have adopted a very effective approach to innovation, and there are lots of lessons other employers can learn from them.

In the interview we discuss:

• Deutsche Bahn’s talent acquisition challenges

• Developing a strategic approach to innovation

• The role of technology in Talent Acquisition

• The importance of a high-quality connected candidate experience

• How to globally standardize while maintaining local relevance

Kerstin also shares her thoughts on the future of Talent Acquisition and talks about Deutsche Bahn’s experiments with Virtual and Augmented Reality

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Recruiting Future Podcast

Ep 104: Recruiting In A Mobile World

It is very clear from the conversations I have with employers all over the world that modernising the recruiting process to fit the expectations of today’s mobile device centric talent audience, continues to be a real challenge. So what are the companies who get this right actually doing and how do you this at scale across a large and complex business.

My guest this week is Jez Langhorn Senior HR Director at McDonald’s in the USA. McDonald’s currently has over 850,000 employees in the US alone and has had much recent recruiting success by implementing several innovative initiatives round mobile technology.

In the interview we discuss:

• What McDonald’s are doing to avoid the demographic “Workforce Cliff”

• “America’s Best First Job”

• Challenging perceptions with the use of authentic employee stories

• How McDonald’s have radically reduced their time to apply by implementing a user friendly mobile application process

• How McDonald’s are using SnapChat and the results they have seen from their campaign

Jez also share’s McDonald’s experience based vision of the future

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Ep 103: Talent Acquisition Technology

In the last five years there has been an explosion in the number of talent acquisition technology products hitting the market. The choice is bewildering and many talent acquisition professionals are struggling not only to make sense of the vast array of options but also to understand what it is they need in the first place!

This week it is my pleasure to welcome HR Pro, Recruiter and industry commentator Tim Sackett back to the show. Tim is a unique hybrid of practitioner and thought leader and has some great insights into the world of Talent Acquisition Technology

In the interview we discuss:

• The Talent Acquisition Technology Stack, what is it and why might an employer need one?

• Are there really 25 categories of Talent Acquisition Technology?

• The ATS as the system of record

• Marketing myths

• Google jobs, salary data and the impact on applicant flow

Tim also tells what he is looking forward to at the HR Technology Conference which is taking place in Las Vegas in October

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Ep 102: Can Google Solve Recruiting’s Big Problems?

By far the biggest story in recruiting technology this year has been Google’s entry into the market firstly with their job search tool and more recently with their ATS system Hire. There has been a huge amount of discussion, commentary and debate about both Google products and their future intentions so I decided to go directly to Google themselves to find out more.

My guest this week is Bogomil Balkansky, the Google Vice President responsible for go to market strategy for recruiting related products.

In the interview we discuss:

• How Google’s appetite for solving big problems has driven their new focus on the recruiting market.

• Which part of the market Google are looking to serve with Hire

• Why Hire is different from other recruiting systems

• The benefits of integrating a recruiting system into existing productivity tools

• How to improve the candidate experience

• The integration between Hire and Google Jobs

• When Hire might be available outside of the US

Bogomil also talks about the customer response so far and the human centric design culture they have developed to improve and extend their recruiting offering

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Ep 101: Modern Recruitment Marketing

I’ve been working in Recruitment Marketing now for the best part of 20 years and it safe to say that it has changed almost beyond recognition during that time. The pace of change continues to increase as more and more sophisticated techniques and technologies become available.

My guest this week is a practitioner at the cutting edge of Recruitment Marketing evolution. Mike Bailen is a specialist at recruiting top talent in ultra competitive environments. Mike is currently VP of People at Lever and has also held recruiting leadership positions at Zappos and Eventbrite.

In the interview we discuss:

• How to attract top talent in a way that is unique to your brand

• Long form content and employee amplification

• The specialist skills and experience needed to be effective at Recruitment Marketing

• Talent Pipelines

• The role of smart technology in Recruitment Marketing

Mike also gives us his views on automation in the recruitment process and other important future trends

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