Ep 122: Talent Intelligence

To stay relevant in changing business environments, it is vital that talent acquisition becomes ever more sophisticated. Data-driven decision making is a hot topic in our industry but how does it actually work in practice?

My guest this week is Alan Agnew, Global Head of Talent Sourcing, Campus and Talent Analytics at Philips. Philips are pioneering a talent intelligence approach to solving resourcing challenges which makes this episode an absolute must listen for every Talent Acquisition Leader.

In the interview we discuss:

• The resourcing challenges that come from business transformation

• How Philips have restructured their resourcing team to meet these challenges

• What is Talent Intelligence?

• Designing personal outreach in sourcing

• Using high-value target battle cards to leverage the EVP

• The results and broader business value they are experiencing from intelligence centric resourcing

Alan also talks about the role of technology and gives his views on the future

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Talent Intelligence

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