Ep 121: The Power Of Data

With all the talk of AI and Programmatic Advertising currently going on in the Recruitment Marketing space, we can sometimes lose sight of the raw power of the data that sits behind these innovations in technology.

My guest this week is Matt Plummer, VP of Product at ZipRecruiter. It is likely that many of you, especially those outside of the US, may not have heard of ZipRecruiter but they are the fastest growing Jobs Marketplace in America. They have 70 thousand active clients and handle upwards of 20 million applications through their system every month.

That is a vast amount of data and, as you will hear in our conversation, the insights and innovations this data is driving are absolutely fascinating.

In the interview we discuss:

• Programmatic Advertising

• Building a Netflix style recommendation based matching engine and some of the data points used to deliver it

• Creating a “magical” experience for candidates and employers

• Unique metrics produced from a subscription model

• How machine learning can out-think humans when it comes to spotting job seeking patterns

Matt also shares his vision for the future and talks about the forthcoming TA Tech Europe conference in Dublin

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The Power Of Data

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