Ep 120: The ATS Market

The ATS market is growing more complex and becoming potentially more confusing every year. It can also be quite tricky to find meaningful data to make sense of what is going on. Over the last few years, the recruitment marketing tech provider Ongig has researched and published a report on ATS usage which certainly throws some light on the industry.

My guest this week is Ongig CEO, Rob Kelly. As well as talking about the ATS research as a bonus Rob also shares his insights on producing dynamic and effective job descriptions for corporate career sites.

In the interview we discuss:

The Ongig Top 100 ATS 2018 Report

• The shifting market share from established towards newer providers and why this is happening

• How Applicant Tracking Systems are changing

• Integrations, partnerships and consolidation

• Rob’s tips for creating dynamic career site job adverts

• Transparency and the employer story

• Building commitment step by step on career sites

Rob also talks about the significance of Google’s entry to the ATS market and shares his thoughts on the future

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The ATS Market

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