Ep 119: Bridging The Gap Between HR and Technology

With HR Technology being such a dominant topic in our industry I wanted to follow last week’s interview with George LaRocque, by speaking to a European based HR Tech expert for this week’s episode of the show.

Anna Ott was recently appointed Head of Startup Eco-system at UNLEASH and has 18 years experience in the HR Tech market. In our conversion, we focus a lot on how startup founders can better understand the HR world and how HR Practitioners can receive significant benefits by being bolder about technology.

In the interview we specifically discuss:

• Why there are now so many HR Tech Startups?

• The differences between the European and North American HR Tech Startup market

• Why Startups need to be better at seeing things from an HR point of view

• Does the way HR implement technology hold back innovation?

Anna also gives us her thoughts on the future and shares details of how both startups and HR Practitioners can get involved with UNLEASH

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