Ep 117: Talent Innovation

Something a bit different this week. It’s always really important to look outside of corporate talent acquisition to see what lessons can be learned from other industries. When it comes to talent innovation it is fair to say that professional sports lead the way.

My guest this week is Cody Royle, Managing Partner of NTSQ Sports and Head Coach of AFL Team Canada. Cody has recently written a book on people innovation based on lessons he has learnt by talking to elite coaches and sporting executives such as Ralph Krueger, Joe Dumars and Ted Sundquist.

In the interview we discuss:

• How top sports coaches think about recruiting and talent management

• The importance of motivation and team environment

• Rethinking interviews

• Challenging definitions of talent to recruit for competitive advantage

• Why tenure has nothing to do with leadership

Cody also shares his key advice for Talent Acquisition professionals in 2018 and some of his favourite anecdotes from the book

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