Ep 116: Workplace By Facebook

We continue to live in interesting times when it comes to HR Tech, with some of the world’s largest technology companies entering the space in the last couple of years. The strategies of Google and Microsoft have tended to dominate HR Tech conversations but, for me, Facebook’s moves into enterprise software are perhaps even more significant.

My guest this week is Monica Adractas, Global Director of Workplace by Facebook. Workplace now has a client base of 30,000 employers using Facebook technology to help their employees be more connected with each other.

In the interview we discuss:

• The philosophy behind Workplace and the reasons Facebook launched it

• How Facebook used Facebook the product to build Facebook the company

• How speed of change, disruption and complexity are changing employee engagement and communication.

• How technology helps top talent to have impact

• The use of visual technologies at work

• The role of automation and AI in creating seamless daily workflows

Monica also share some use cases from employers using Workplace and gives us her thoughts on the future of work

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Workplace by Facebook

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