Ep 114: Developing Resourcing Strategically

There is often a lot of confusion between tactics and strategy in discussions about talent acquisition. However, with so many employers facing challenges in hiring the talent they need, having a genuinely strategic approach to resourcing has never been more important.

My guest this week is John Wallace. John has driven resourcing strategies for a number of employers including RBS, Tesco Bank and Barclays. He has recently published a book on strategic resourcing which is full of highly valuable insights and case studies.

In the interview we discuss:

▪ What is resourcing strategy?

▪ The four key challenges for employers which mean getting resourcing right is vital

▪ Why building capability is much more important than cutting costs

▪ The three conditions needed for strategic resourcing

▪ How to make the business case for strategic resourcing

John also shares his thoughts on the role of technology and his predictions for the next 12-18 months in talent acquisition

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