Ep 113: Culture, Passion and Advocacy

Rapidly scaling a company while protecting the culture and values that makes it unique is a significant challenge. But what should the recruiting team be doing to help solve this problem?

My guest this week is Nicolle Sinclair, Global Head of Talent at craft beer producer Brewdog. Brewdog is famous for its unconventional approach to business and, as well as being one of the fastest growing companies in the UK; it is also scaling up internationally with breweries in the USA and Australia. Retaining their unique culture as they do this is no easy task, and I was delighted to get to talk to Nicolle about Brewdog’s approach to recruiting.

In the interview we discuss:

• Brewdog’s recruiting challenges

• Recruiters as “cultural guardians.”

• The history of the Brewdog Charter

• The importance of developing specialist knowledge within an in-house recruiting team

• The role of technology and choosing the right platform

• How to communicate with candidates and give people a world-class experience even if they have been unsuccessful

Nicolle talks about the role of employee and customer advocacy and give us a taster of what’s next for Brewdog

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