Ep 111: Recruiting For Hyper Growth

Recruiting to help a company grow is a typical situation that many resourcing leaders find themselves in. But what is it like to recruit for a company that is hyper growth mode and what are the key challenges to overcome?

My guest this week is someone who is very familiar with this hyper growth scenario. Justin Anastasi is Talent Acquisition Manager for Evolution Gaming, a company that is currently growing by 50% year on year. In our conversation, Justin talks about the strategies and technology Evolution Gaming use to help them recruit for hyper growth.

In the interview we discuss:

▪ Managing roles as projects

▪ The positive and negatives of automation and the continued importance of humans

▪ The role of technology in supporting process

▪ Stakeholder partnering

▪ Research and Talent Intelligence

▪ The importance of Employer Brand and standing out from the competition

Justin also shares some advice for recruiters facing similar challenges and gives us his predictions for the future of Talent Acquisition.

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