Ep 110: Content Led Recruitment Marketing

Effective use of content is a critically important aspect of recruitment marketing. However, in our fast changing media and advertising landscape many employers are struggling to create and amplify content effectively.

My guest this week is Audra Knight, Recruitment Operation Manager at Tenable Network Security. Audra is well known in the industry for being fantastic at harnessing content marketing for recruiting and I’m delighted that she was happy to share so many practical tips during our conversation

In the interview we discuss:

• What do we actually mean by content in the context of recruiting

• Creating a content strategy and the importance of targeting

• Why Facebook is vitally important and how to use it effectively

• The power of paid social

• LinkedIn and Twitter, how do they fit in?

• The importance of video

• Measuring results

Audra talks about the employers she feels are getting content marketing right and gives us some predictions for the future

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