Ep 108: The Evolution Of The ATS

Anyone familiar with the world of recruiting technology will know that in the last few years the ATS landscape has changed massively with the growth of a new generation of systems that are very different to their predecessors. It was my pleasure to catch up with several new generation providers at the recent HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas a few weeks ago and see how their offerings have developed.

While I was at the show I recorded an interview with ATS veteran Jerome Ternynck. Jerome is the founder of SmartRecruiters which was one of the first new generation systems to be launched and he has some fascinating insights into how the industry is changing.

In the interview we discuss:

• How recruiting technology is finally catching up with the actual needs of recruiters

• The changing nature of talent acquisition

• The need for a proper marketing mix in talent attraction

• How technology can help to improve the candidate experience

Jerome also shares his thoughts on the future of HR Technology

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