Ep 107: Fixing The Candidate Experience

I’m just back from The HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas which was, as ever, full of interesting insights. I’ll be sharing an interview I recorded while I was there on next week’s show. On this week’s show, I wanted to follow up on some of the topics raised during my discussion with Elaine Orler in Episode 106 and do a deeper dive into the candidate experience.

My guest this week is self-confessed candidate experience fanatic Alan Walker. Alan is co-founder of The Talent Finders and is also a former in house recruitment leader. He is the perfect person to provide a practitioner’s eye view of the issues surrounding the quest for the perfect candidate experience.

In the interview we discuss:

• Why Alan is so passionate about the candidate experience

• The long terms benefits of providing a quality candidate experience

• Why there is so much talk and so little action on this topic

• What companies can do to fix their candidate experience

• The importance of data throughout the process

Alan also tells us which employers he thinks are doing candidate experience well and shares some of the secrets behind his success with content on LinkedIn.

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