Ep 104: Recruiting In A Mobile World

It is very clear from the conversations I have with employers all over the world that modernising the recruiting process to fit the expectations of today’s mobile device centric talent audience, continues to be a real challenge. So what are the companies who get this right actually doing and how do you this at scale across a large and complex business.

My guest this week is Jez Langhorn Senior HR Director at McDonald’s in the USA. McDonald’s currently has over 850,000 employees in the US alone and has had much recent recruiting success by implementing several innovative initiatives round mobile technology.

In the interview we discuss:

• What McDonald’s are doing to avoid the demographic “Workforce Cliff”

• “America’s Best First Job”

• Challenging perceptions with the use of authentic employee stories

• How McDonald’s have radically reduced their time to apply by implementing a user friendly mobile application process

• How McDonald’s are using SnapChat and the results they have seen from their campaign

Jez also share’s McDonald’s experience based vision of the future

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