Ep 99: This Is The Future Of Recruitment Advertising

I’m absolutely convinced that the employers who can properly harness the current advances in advertising and marketing technology into their talent attraction strategies, will be the ones who are best able to attract the talent they need in the future.

One key area with vast potential for recruitment marketing is programmatic advertising. Unfortunately, with all the spin and theorizing in our industry, it can be difficult to get a clear understanding of how programmatic advertising works and what its considerably benefits are for recruiting.

My guest this week is Louis Halton-Davies, Digital Advertising Consultant at Crunch Simply Digital. Louis is a hands on practitioner of programmatic for recruiting and offers some highly practical insights into how it works and why you should be using it.

In the interview we discuss:

• How programmatic works

• Why is it such an effective tool for recruitment marketing

• The gold mine of data on corporate career sites

• The Connect, Consider, Convert methodology

• Activating the passive audience

• Effective content formats

• The impact of tailoring the apply process to individual audience


Louis also talks us through a recent case study of programmatic success and offer his advice on how to get started with programmatic.

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