Ep 101: Modern Recruitment Marketing

I’ve been working in Recruitment Marketing now for the best part of 20 years and it safe to say that it has changed almost beyond recognition during that time. The pace of change continues to increase as more and more sophisticated techniques and technologies become available.

My guest this week is a practitioner at the cutting edge of Recruitment Marketing evolution. Mike Bailen is a specialist at recruiting top talent in ultra competitive environments. Mike is currently VP of People at Lever and has also held recruiting leadership positions at Zappos and Eventbrite.

In the interview we discuss:

• How to attract top talent in a way that is unique to your brand

• Long form content and employee amplification

• The specialist skills and experience needed to be effective at Recruitment Marketing

• Talent Pipelines

• The role of smart technology in Recruitment Marketing

Mike also gives us his views on automation in the recruitment process and other important future trends

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