Ep 98: High Velocity Hiring

Despite all the recent advances in recruitment technology focused on improving recruitment efficiency, speed of hiring remains a significant issue for the vast majority of organisations. In fact there is actually a growing body of evidence that suggests speed of hiring is slowing down.

So what can employers do to improve this situation? My guest this week is author and consultant Scott Wintrip. Scott has developed a methodology to eliminate hiring delays which he sets out in his recently published book, “High Velocity Hiring”

In the interview we discuss:

• Why time to hire is such a problem

• The concept of Candidate Gravity

• How employers can enrich the flow of talent into their organizations

• Why common interview techniques don’t work and what should be used to replace them

• Maintaining an inventory of talent for on demand hiring

Scott also shares his thoughts on recruitment technology and tells us the single most important question employers should be asking themselves before they make technology investments

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