Ep 94: Trends In Tech Recruiting

The trends in tech recruiting are something that every employer should be following with interest. Even if your company isn’t currently recruiting tech professionals, it is important to know what is happening in the sector as the methodologies and practices being used for tech recruiting today, are likely to be used by everyone tomorrow. Tech Recruiting is the bellwether sector of our industry.

Who better to get us up to speed with developments in this area than my guest this week, Hung Lee the founder of Workshape.io. Hung always has some great insights to share and it was brilliant to have him on the show.

In the interview we discuss:

• The current challenges in tech recruiting and the strategic decisions companies need to make to deal with them

• The importance of mind-set shift

• Having an “Always On” attitude to recruiting

• Myth busting

• The re-invention of the recruitment process

• Interoperability, modularisation and decoupling

Hung also gives us his views on the future of the sector and shares some of the great content he has recently curated.

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