Ep 89: Talent Acquisition Evolution

This week sees a first for the show, rather than me just interviewing one guest, in this episode I’m interviewing two. I recently headed down to Pepsico’s UK offices in Reading to have a conversation with Kevin Hough, their Head of Talent Acquisition for the UK and Ireland, and Dan Fitzpatrick, Talent Acquisition Lead for PepsiCo Global Concentrate Solutions.

We covered a lot of ground in our discussion and it was great to hear Kevin and Dan talk about some of the everyday realities of in house recruitment within a large corporate.

In the interview we discuss:

•    PepsiCo’s recruiting challenges

•    Anticipating STEM recruitment needs

•    How Talent Acquisition is changing as a discipline

•    Is recruiting the same as marketing?

•    The changing skill set of the in house recruiter

•    Rethinking relationships with recruitment agencies

•    The role of technology

Kevin and Dan also give us their views on the likely future for talent acquisition.

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