Ep 78: Recruiting High Performance Start Up Teams

It is always important to step back and see the world through a different lens. With that in mind, I’ll be talking to several people on the show this year who have a vested interest in recruiting but aren’t viewing it from inside the industry bubble.

My guest on this week’s show is Charlie O’Donnell founder and partner at Brooklyn Bridge Ventures in New York. Charlie is an early stage investor in a number of fast growing start-up companies and has first-hand experience of seeing which recruiting strategies are working in these dynamic business environments.

In the interview we discuss:

•    The importance of effective team building

•    The challenges of defining and hiring to cultural fit

•    An “A Player” culture versus a learning based culture

•    Where the real skill shortages are in start-up recruitment

•    The effectiveness of having an iterative approach to developing job descriptions

Charlie also shares his advice on how recruiters and start up founders can work better together

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