Ep 76: HR and Digital Transformation

For this first episode of 2017 I wanted to offer you something a bit different. Last year I was fortunate enough to deliver the opening keynote at HR Tech Fest in Johannesburg. My topic was the dual role I feel HR needs to play in the digital transformation of business. It was quite a personal presentation for me as I shared some of the lessons that I’ve learned from the 20 years of my career I have spent being digital disruptive in several different industries.

The conference organizers, The Eventful Group, made an audio recording of the presentation which I’m delighted to share with you as this week’s podcast episode.

In the presentation, you’ll hear me talk about five key lessons I’ve learnt about digital transformation:

1)    Change is Exponential
2)    There is a Revolution at Work
3)    Exceptional Talent Wins
4)    Perfect is not Best
5)    Think the Unthinkable

In case you are wondering you don’t actual need to see the slides to understand the presentation but if you want to have a look you can find them here on SlideShare

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