Ep 72: Customers As Candidates

This week we return to the popular topic of improving the Candidate Experience. There is a lot of talk at the moment about the importance of treating candidate’s as customers but what happens when your candidates actually are your customers!

My guest this week is Ben Gledhill, Talent Acquisition manager at retailer Sofology. Sofology is going through a digital transformation process at the moment to fulfill its aim of being an omnichannel retailer. They have been looking hard at their candidate experience and Ben offers some great practical insights into their learning and the improvements they have made.

In the interview we discuss:

•    How a negative candidate experience can affect Sofology’s business

•    Building an emotional link with candidates

•    How to achieve total visibility on the candidate experience

•    Mandatory hiring manager interview training

•    The vital importance of a mobile optimized ATS

•    Using NPS ratings for candidate experience measurement

•    The value of explaining the recruitment process up front on the corporate career site

Ben also talks about what’s next for talent acquisition at Sofology and gives us his view on emerging recruitment technologies.

This episode of the podcast is kindly supported by HireVue

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