Ep 71: How To Improve Your Career Site

The first digital project I ever worked on was building a career website for German engineering giant Siemens. Since then I’ve been fascinated by the evolution of corporate career sites and I am currently working with a number of my clients to help them optimize this area of their talent acquisition strategy.

My guest this week is someone who shares my obsession with career sites. Bas Van De Haterd is an independent consultant and entrepreneur based in The Netherlands. For the last 10 years Bas has run a major piece of research which audits the career sites of the largest 500 Dutch employers and he has a huge amount of insight to share.

In the interview we discuss:

•    How to audit a career site

•    The single simple thing employers could do which would improve their response rates by 25%

•    Three areas which can be improved to give a better candidate experience

•    How to optimize a legacy ATS system to improve the application process

•    The balance between jobs, conversion and employer branding

•    Bas also talks about the development of mobile and shares his thoughts on innovation in this area.

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