Ep 70: What’s Trending In Recruiting

In last week’s episode I featured interviews with nine people who were searching for innovation at the HR Tech Conference in Chicago. This week I wanted to continue the same theme but with more of a focus on specific trends in recruiting.

My guest this week is Andy McIlvaine who is conference chair for The Talent Acquisition Technology Conference and The Recruiting Trends Conference both of which are organized by Human Resource Executive (the company behind HR Tech) and take place in Austin Texas in November.

In the interview we discuss:

•    The changing role of video in the talent acquisition process

•    Candidate Relationship Management and Candidate Experience

•    The latest social media methods and Recruitment Marketing Platforms

•    Whether talent shortages are genuine and what employers can do to solve the problem

•    Unconscious bias in recruiting

•    Predictive Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Andy also gives us a taster of the case studies that will be presented at the conferences and shares what has surprised him the most as a journalist covering this sector.

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One thought on “Ep 70: What’s Trending In Recruiting

  1. This was such a awesome episode. I have recently discovered your podcast and have been hooked onto all the information you share. Really good to hear about all the trends. Thanks

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