Ep 62: Key Trends In Talent Technology

Over the past five years there has been an investment boom in technology products aimed at the talent acquisition market. The industry is getting more complex by the day and making sense of it is a constant challenge for corporate recruiting leaders.

My guest in this episode is Jon Kestenbaum Executive Director at New York based think tank and incubator Talent Tech Labs. Talent Tech Labs have done a huge amount of work to map out and understand this technology market and has developed a taxonomy that identifies 27 different categories of product in the sourcing to onboarding journey.

In the interview we discuss:

•    How to make sense of the complex market by cutting through the marketing spin

•    Disruptive solutions versus point solutions

•    The importance of analytics

•    The Five key trends of 2106

•    Levels of innovation and tech adoption being seen among corporate employers and staffing companies.

Jon also tells us what has surprised him most during his two years at Talent Tech Labs and gives his view on the likely future of the talent technology space.

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