Ep 60: How To Deal With Unconscious Bias

Recognising and addressing unconscious bias in the recruitment process is one of the biggest issues HR and Recruiting professionals face.  Dealing with it can be difficult, especially in large organisations, but it certainly not something that is impossible.

My guest on the podcast this week is Jon Hull Group Head of Resourcing at Carillion. Carillion have been running diversity and inclusion initiatives that addresses issues with unconscious bias head on and they have had some seriously impressive results.

In the interview we discuss:

•    How neuroscience helped Carillion make sense of their problem

•    Why bottom up is better than top down

•    Diversity and Inclusion as innovation

•    Unconscious bias in recruitment marketing and employer branding

•    How HR started to think differently about themselves

Jon also talks through the results Carillion have seen from these initiatives and gives his advice to employers who are looking at how to deal with similar issues.

This week’s podcast is kindly supported by Lever, where ATS meets CRM

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