Ep 57: Are You Getting Enough Talent Attention?

We live in an age of digital noise and distraction. How can you be sure you are getting the attention necessary to persuade the right people to join your company? Over the last few weeks I’ve been doing a number of presentations and webinars on the concept of “Talent Attention” as I’m finding it is becoming more and more of an issue for employers all over the world.

This week’s episode is a recording of a webinar I did last week and in the presentation I talk about:

•    The Talent Attention problem and why it is getting worse

•    Why it is easy to blame the tools but actually we need to think about Talent Acquisition in a different way

•    A metaphor to illustrate what recruiters often get wrong when attempting to get the attention of potential hires

•    The complexity problem

•    A simple model that can help you radically improve your strategy and ensure you get the attention of the right talent

I hope you enjoy this departure from the normal podcast style, next week’s episode will revert back to the normal interview format.

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