Ep 56: How To Use Employees As Brand Advocates

Using Employee generated content for employer brand communication is a topic we’ve covered a couple of times on the podcast now. In this episode I want to take things to the next level and talk about using employees as brand ambassadors to strategically distribute and amplify brand content as a way of reaching targeted networks of talent.

I’ve always considered this to be the key to social recruiting success and my guest this week, Craig Fisher the Head of Employer Branding at CA Technologies, is certainly someone who shares this view. I’ve known Craig for a long time now and he has always been a practitioner who operates at the cutting edge of social media, experimenting with different tools and techniques to get tangible recruiting results.

In the interview we discuss:

•    Why EVP should be “inside out” with the employees themselves communicating and carrying the brand

•    Using employee advocacy platform technologies

•    The 5-1 “give to ask” ratio and why it is vital to success

•    How CA Technologies identified 80 internal brand champions and the results they have seen after the first five months of the advocacy program.

•    The best tools for curating relevant job seeker content

Craig also gives some great practical advice on how to start a employee advocacy program and share his thoughts on emerging recruiting technologies

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