Ep 54: Are You Ready For The Future Of Work?

Predicting the future of work is not an exact science, however one prediction that most people seem to agree with is that there will be a significant rise in freelance and contract working. This trend is already here; recent years have seen both a significant rise in the contingent workforce and the advert of talent marketplaces shaping the “gig economy”.

My guest this week is Connor Heaney, Managing Director of CXC Corporate Services. I first met Connor last year when I spoke at CXC’s future of work summit in Dublin. Since then Connor has been running future of work think tanks all over the world and has some important perspectives on how companies should be preparing themselves for the future of work.

In the interview with discuss:

•    The positives and negatives of the rise of the gig economy

•    The lack of government readiness to understand the changes and give the new workforce the support they need

•    Predicted growth rates for the contingent workforce and its implications for traditional companies

•    How ready companies are for the legal and tax implications of larger contingent workforces

•    The evolution in Employer Branding that is needed make sure companies are attracting the right contingent talent.

•    Recruiters versus algorithms

Connor also talks the most interesting technology innovations he is seeing in the space and gives us his view on the future

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