Ep 53: Unique Insights From People Analytics

People Analytics is one of the hottest topics there is in HR at the moment. A data revolution is starting to make companies radically rethink their approaches to attracting, retaining and developing talent.

Technology is transforming the kind of qualitative research that underpins employer branding and employee engagement strategies, providing the ability to generate instant insights that would have previously taken months of work to produce.

My guest this week is Andrew Marritt from Organization View. Andrew is a pioneer in the field of text analytics for HR and has some fascinating insights into the potential for data in the talent space.

•    In the interview we discuss:

•    The relevance of Big Data for HR

•    The power of using technology to bring meaning to the free text data found in performance reviews and employee surveys on a massive scale

•    How free text analytics can help to develop subtle differences in employer brand messaging to give maximum appeal across multiple target audiences

•    The potential for real time analysis of job applications to generate automated smart follow up questions, particularly in the graduate recruitment space

Andrew also share his thoughts on the application of text analytics to email and workplace collaborations systems to spot conversational trends within organizations

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