Ep 51: Recruiting To Digitally Transform The Government

Gartner Research predicts that by 2020 75% of business will be a digital business or preparing to become one. Digital Transformation is the number one priority for many CEOs and I think it is crucial that HR and Recruiting positions themselves to be key drivers in this business revolution. The companies who can attract and retain the right talent at the right time in the right way are going to be the ones who win the race

Governments tend to have terrible track records when it comes to technology and the UK government is no exception. However in recent years The Government Digital Service has managed to break the mould and make some fantastic progress with the digital transformation of many core UK Government services.

My guest this week is Zeshaan Shamsi who is now Head of Talent Acquisition at background check company Onfido. Previous to this he was Head of Recruitment for the Government Digital Service and his experience there is the main focus of our conversation.

In the interview we discuss:

•    The background to the Government Digital Service, how it came about and what it is tasked with doing

•    The benefits of challenging the status quo and questioning everything especially entrenched recruiting processes

•    Honest open communication and why it is so important in driving change

•    The importance of data driven approaches to recruitment

•    Cool tools and silver bullets

ZeShaan also tells us why he can’t predict the future and shares his frank opinions on “celebrity” recruitment gurus!

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