Ep 48: The End Of Graduate Recruitment As We Know It?

Sometimes if you want to be innovative you need to challenge the status quo by taking the tried and tested ways of working and turning them on their head. Often you’ll find they are tried and tested for a reason but sometimes subverting the norm will bring results that make everyone think differently.

On the show last year I talked to Neil Morrison the Group HRD at Penguin Random House about an experimental entry level recruitment programme his team were running know as The Scheme. One year on The Scheme has been so successful Penguin Random House are running it again and I was keen to catch up with Neil to find out what they had learned.

In the interview we discuss:

  • What it is like to run a recruitment process with no CVs or insight into the background of the candidates
  • Why Penguin Random House have now dropped the requirement to have a degree from all of their roles
  • Things they learned from the Scheme last year and what they are doing differently in 2016
  • How they are using Snap Chat as a platform to promote this year’s programme.

Neil also gives us his thoughts on the future of graduate recruitment and some advice for any employers thinking of having their own version of The Scheme.

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