Ep 47: A Practitioner’s View On The Future Of Recruiting

This week sees the return of one most popular guests I’ve had in the 47 episode history of The Recruiting Future Podcast.

Matt Buckland joined me for Episode 11 of the show last year when he was working for Forward Partners and shared his thoughts recruiting tech talent. It’s almost a year on and Matt is now Head of Talent and Fashion Tech company Lyst. He also recently appeared as the resident recruitment expert on  “Who’s The Boss” the BBC TV series which experimented with the concept of “collaborative hiring”

In the interview we discuss:

•    The likely future of recruitment

•    The advantages and pitfalls of collaborative hiring

•    Why recruitment technology can be a bad thing

•    Snapchat and its relevance to recruiting

•    The role of LinkedIn and Job Boards

•    Recruiters v Marketeers

Matt also shares what he considers to be the most important skills a good in house recruiter needs and tells us about the book he is currently reading….

Links to things we talk about

Matt’s previous podcast interview

BBC2’s Here Comes the Boss

The Lyst recruiting analytics podcast episode


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One thought on “Ep 47: A Practitioner’s View On The Future Of Recruiting

  1. Really enjoyed hearing Matt’s insight and refreshing thoughts in to the role of an internal recruiter and the future of recruitment.

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