Ep 45: Social Media For Employer Branding Done Brilliantly

Based on what I see during my work as a consultant it is fair to say that most employers are still struggling to use social media effectively for recruiting. Even the concept of using it as a key platform for Employer Branding and Employee Engagement seems like an impossible dream to many. However as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn embed themselves further into everyone’s lives all companies will have to think differently about the methods they use to attract, recruit and retain talent.

My guest this week is someone who is a genuine pioneer round social engagement in the talent space. Chris Ebbeler is Director of Workplace Community for Chili’s, a company who are embracing social media in a way that is just brilliant.

In the interview we discuss:

•    How Chris got both his job and buy in from his leadership team to do what he does

•    How Chili’s have used social media to shift deeply held brand perceptions and are now considered a great place to work

•    Why their employees are at the heart of what they do on social and the great ways they have driven authentic user generated content from their global work force of 80,000 people

•    A completely different way of thinking about the role of corporate Careers Sites

•    The importance of Instagram in their social strategy

Chris also talks about the way they measure results, the importance of a selfie with the COO and how he sees their approach to social media developing over the next 18 months

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5 thoughts on “Ep 45: Social Media For Employer Branding Done Brilliantly

  1. Apart from the bold creativity and innovation, what stands out for me is that Chris has clearly garnered the support of his senior management. Having leadership support is essential.

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