Ep 44: Innovating To Improve The Candidate Experience

When it comes to innovation in recruitment marketing and the candidate experience it is very important to never believe the hype. Once you cut through the buzzwords and considerable self-interest promoting spin it becomes clear that driving change and embracing new technologies is something a lot employers find very difficult.

My research has shown me that one of keys to success when it comes to innovation lies in experimentation, testing and iteration. My guest for this episode of the podcast is someone who successful uses this approach to drive change. Heather Tinguely is Senior Program Manager of Innovation Incubation and Candidate Experience at Microsoft.

In the interview we discuss:

•    How beta testing ideas can engage stakeholders and win budgets

•    Why the candidate experience is so important to Microsoft

•    Innovations for the “day of interview”

•    The evolution of the careers site and the relationship between content and candidate experience

•    The critical importance of being mobile first to avoid the big problem with responsive design

•    Personalisation based on candidate profiles

Heather also tells us what she has her eye on in terms of future trends and technologies

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