Ep 41: What Is The Future Of Work?

Speculating about the future of work is a very popular past time at the moment. This should be no surprise considering the disruptive times we are living through. However I find it very frustrating that there is a distinct lack of sensible debate and discussion about the actual implications of these changes.

My guest this week is Kevin Wheeler. Kevin is a Silicon Valley based futurist with a global outlook who specializes in the future of work and talent. We were both contributors to the same book on the Future of Business last year and I have a lot of respect for Kevin’s work and views.

In the interview we discuss what the future of work is likely to look like in the short, medium and long term. Topics we cover include:

•    The debate round the rise of the contingent workforce

•    The growth of generalists

•    Jobs we currently take for granted which will disappear or shrink in volume with the growth of automation.

•    The future role of humans at work

•    The importance of creativity in the future workforce

Kevin also shares his opinion on the future of HR and identifies what he sees as the most importantly technology trend for the future of recruitment.

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