Ep 38: How To Use Recruitment Technology Strategically

One of the most common themes I hear in conversations with in house recruiters is their frustration at the failings of their recruitment technology. A decade and a half on from the online recruitment revolution many employers are finding that their technology is holding them back rather than being the enabler it should be.

My guest this week is Brad Cook, Global VP of Talent Acquisition for Informatica. Over the last five years Informatica have harnessed their CRM and ATS to win the battle against the global skill shortages in the talent markets where they operate proving that recruitment technology can be used strategically rather than just reactively.

In the interview we discuss:

•    Brad’s philosophy of capturing data once and using it many times

•    Why you need an SEO mindset to attract active candidates

•    The importance of analytics

•    How Informatica have reduced friction in their apply process to capture data from 45k applicants a year

•    Why candidate experience is critical

•    The one piece of data you must collect from each prospect

•    The current revolution in the ATS market that is driving a move away from legacy vendors

Brad also empathises the importance of humans at all stages of the recruitment process and makes it very clear that recruitment is not just a science it is also an art.

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2 thoughts on “Ep 38: How To Use Recruitment Technology Strategically

  1. Bisa gila kalo orang punya standard kebahagiaan yang sama, Mbah. Buatku, itulah dinamika hidup. Pernak-pernik-e urip. Emang benar, gak melulu “kebahagian iklan” bisa mewakili nilai-nilai kebahagiaan sejati. Saat aku coba deskripsikan kebahagiaan, aku malah bingung. Apa sih bahagia itu? Abstrak dan kompleks kayanya hehehe…Memang benar, kebahagiaan itu dari dalam diri. Kebahagiaan itu dari hati.Nice post Mbah…

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