Ep 37: How To Engage Hiring Managers

One of the most critical success factors for any in house recruitment team is the quality of relationship they have with their hiring managers. Despite being a key issue for pretty much every employer it is not something that gets written or spoken about in public very often.

I’m delighted to have John Vlastelica from Recruiting Toolbox as my guest for this episode. Before founding Recruiting Toolbox John was Director of Recruiting at Amazon and Head of Global Recruiting at Expedia. He is passionate about helping recruiters to improve hiring manager engagement and now trains in house recruiting teams all over the world.

In the interview we discuss:

•    Why hiring manager engagement is the secret sauce to recruiting success

•    How to influence hiring managers by speaking their language and pressing the pain button

•    The two most important things hiring managers care about

•    Common mistakes recruiters make when trying to influence hiring managers

•    The one key factor that drives the improvement of the candidate experience

John also share his thoughts on the differences in recruiting behaviour across different industries as well as the changes and innovations we can expect to see during 2016.

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3 thoughts on “Ep 37: How To Engage Hiring Managers

  1. Great stuff, and thanks for putting this out. As a Leader of a career coaching firm, its great to get into the mind set of recruiters and hiring managers. Keep up the good work.

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