Ep29: How To Research And Build Your Employer Brand In Real Time

In this episode Matt Alder talks to Jason Seiden from Brand Amper

Some of the most popular podcast episodes so far have been the ones that cover employer branding. We discussed how to measure the impact of employer brands as well as innovative ways of communicating them. Up to this point though we’ve not looked at the work involved in building them and the way in which some the traditional methods of employer brand research are being challenged by new approaches.

My guest for this episode is Jason Seiden who is challenging established thinking about employer brand development via his company Brand Amper.

In the interview we discuss:

•    Why traditional employer brand research takes too long

•    Turning employees stories into employer brand equity

•    The power of Social Proof in recruiting

•    Thinking about employer brand the same way as product placement

•    Why companies who are afraid of giving their employers a voice will fail

Jason also talks about the fundamental changes happening in the way people in organizations relate to each other and the importance of company culture in this context.

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