Ep 118: Understanding The Recruiting Technology Marketplace

The HR and Recruiting Technology industry is currently experiencing an explosion in innovation, investment and growth. Change and disruption seem to be occurring at a bewildering pace and it is very difficult for anyone to keep up with what is going on.

To help make sense of all this complexity I’m delighted that my guest this week is George LaRocque. George is Principal Analyst and Founder of HRWins and is a very close observer of the HR Technology market.

In the interview we discuss:

• Why there is currently so much investment interest in HR and Recruiting Technology?

• Does AI and Machine Learning actually exist in this sector or is it just marketing spin?

• Is the pace of change causing confusion and what benefits is it bringing?

• How well do vendors understand the challenges Talent Acquisition professionals are facing?

George also tells us what is currently surprising him the most about HR Technology and give his view on what we should be watching out for in the future

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Ep 117: Talent Innovation

Something a bit different this week. It’s always really important to look outside of corporate talent acquisition to see what lessons can be learned from other industries. When it comes to talent innovation it is fair to say that professional sports lead the way.

My guest this week is Cody Royle, Managing Partner of NTSQ Sports and Head Coach of AFL Team Canada. Cody has recently written a book on people innovation based on lessons he has learnt by talking to elite coaches and sporting executives such as Ralph Krueger, Joe Dumars and Ted Sundquist.

In the interview we discuss:

• How top sports coaches think about recruiting and talent management

• The importance of motivation and team environment

• Rethinking interviews

• Challenging definitions of talent to recruit for competitive advantage

• Why tenure has nothing to do with leadership

Cody also shares his key advice for Talent Acquisition professionals in 2018 and some of his favourite anecdotes from the book

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Recruiting Future Podcast

Ep 116: Workplace By Facebook

We continue to live in interesting times when it comes to HR Tech, with some of the world’s largest technology companies entering the space in the last couple of years. The strategies of Google and Microsoft have tended to dominate HR Tech conversations but, for me, Facebook’s moves into enterprise software are perhaps even more significant.

My guest this week is Monica Adractas, Global Director of Workplace by Facebook. Workplace now has a client base of 30,000 employers using Facebook technology to help their employees be more connected with each other.

In the interview we discuss:

• The philosophy behind Workplace and the reasons Facebook launched it

• How Facebook used Facebook the product to build Facebook the company

• How speed of change, disruption and complexity are changing employee engagement and communication.

• How technology helps top talent to have impact

• The use of visual technologies at work

• The role of automation and AI in creating seamless daily workflows

Monica also share some use cases from employers using Workplace and gives us her thoughts on the future of work

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Workplace by Facebook

Ep 115: My Career Life Story

So, this is the last episode of 2017 and I wanted to take the opportunity to say a big thank you to everyone for making it such a brilliant year for the podcast. I’ve had some amazing guests, some very supportive sponsors and the audience has doubled in size. Thanks to everyone for the likes, shares, comments, reviews and other feedback you’ve sent me. I really appreciate the support and I’m looking forward to an even more ambitious year for the podcast in 2018.

As this is the last show of the year I thought I’d bring you something a bit different. Back in February I recorded an interview for the Career Life Stories series produced by Nick Price and Working films. My Career Life Story was a launched a few weeks back and I thought it might be good to present it to you in audio format via the podcast.

Here are the intro notes on the interview from the Career Life Stories web site:

“Matt Alder is a speaker, author and talent acquisition consultant and has been at the forefront of digital recruitment marketing since the late nineties.

Matt was there at the beginning of the online revolution in recruitment working with TMP and Monster.com in the late nineties. He went on to lead Digital Teams at a time when the industry was transforming from placing jobs in newspapers to embracing – albeit slowly – utilizing the internet for jobs. As Matt says, “We used to do presentations saying that the internet would change the way people looked for jobs and everyone used to laugh at us.”
He was part of a digital generation and new-wave of talented people whose formative careers were at a time when the world was changing as the internet took hold.

As  well as being one of the leading podcasters in the recruiting industry with over 14,000 global listeners to his Recruiting Futures podcast, he has also recently written a book called Exceptional Talent which he has co-authored with Mervyn Dinnen.

In this episode we cover:

• Matt’s early introduction to the internet and his passion for technology
• How his drama and acting experience shaped his early years
• Leading the first digital recruitment teams in the UK
• Starting his own business – including the tough lessons learnt as a founder with an HR Tech startup
• The development of his podcast and why its his passion
• What it was like writing his first book”

Thanks again for all your support and I’ll be back with Episode 116 of The Recruiting Future Podcast in January

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Recruiting Future Podcast

Ep 114: Developing Resourcing Strategically

There is often a lot of confusion between tactics and strategy in discussions about talent acquisition. However, with so many employers facing challenges in hiring the talent they need, having a genuinely strategic approach to resourcing has never been more important.

My guest this week is John Wallace. John has driven resourcing strategies for a number of employers including RBS, Tesco Bank and Barclays. He has recently published a book on strategic resourcing which is full of highly valuable insights and case studies.

In the interview we discuss:

▪ What is resourcing strategy?

▪ The four key challenges for employers which mean getting resourcing right is vital

▪ Why building capability is much more important than cutting costs

▪ The three conditions needed for strategic resourcing

▪ How to make the business case for strategic resourcing

John also shares his thoughts on the role of technology and his predictions for the next 12-18 months in talent acquisition

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