Ep 87: Hiring On All Cylinders

Time for something completely different. One of my favorite industry podcasts is Hiring On All Cylinders produced by the lovely people at Entelo. This week, in the interests of friendly podcast co-operation, I’m doing a podcast exchange with them.

I’m interviewed in the latest episode of Hiring On All Cylinders, talking about my new book and everything I’ve learned from interviewing all my wonderful podcast guests. Meanwhile on this week’s Recruiting Future Podcast my guest is Jill Witty, VP of Talent and Operations at Entelo. Jill has helped the company scale up from 7 employees to a 120 employees and has some fascinating insights into the modern world of Talent Acquisition.

In the interview we discuss:

•    Innovative recruiting approaches

•    Diversifying talent pools at the top of the funnel

•    Establishing a compelling and competitive employer brand

•    Values based recruiting that focuses on culture add rather than culture fit

Jill also gives us her take on the future of talent acquisition technology and in particular the potential role of artificial intelligence in recruiting.

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Ep 86: How To Be A Best Place To Work

Over the last few  weeks a number of guests on the podcast have mentioned that they have been included in Glassdoor’s Best Places To Work list and I’m sure many of you are interested in finding out more about what this actually means.

My guest this week is Lisa Holden , Employer Communications Manager at Glassdoor. I spoke to Lisa to find out how the Best Places To Work list is put together and also to understand more about the growing correlation between employee voice and employer brand.

In the interview we discuss:

•    The origins of Best Places To Work

•    Debunking some common myths

•    What are the common traits that propel employers up the list

•    Why the relationship between employee voice and employer brand is so important

•    The vital importance of transparency

Lisa also talks us through some of the more surprising inclusions in the list and gives us her thoughts on future trends

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Ep 85: Recruitment Marketing Platforms

Designed to make Talent Attraction more strategic and bring marketing technologies and techniques to recruiters, these platforms are certainly making an impact but I sense that there is still a lot of confusion surrounding them.

My guest this week is Madeline Laurano, principal analyst and co-founder of Aptitude Research Partners. Madeline has recently authored a market report on recruitment marketing platforms which is designed to give potential buyers much needed insight into this emerging space.

In the interview we discuss:

•    What recruitment marketing platforms are and what they are not
•    The changes in Talent Acquisition that are driving the market for this type of technology
•    The key features and capabilities of recruitment marketing platforms.
•    The value and results clients are seeing from using these platforms
•    What buyers should be looking for when selecting a recruitment marketing platform


Madeline also gives us her view on the likely future of this market in terms of partnerships and consolidation.
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Ep 84: An Innovative Approach To Recruiting

One of the things I’ve learned from interviewing people for the podcast is that very often the most effective recruiting innovations come from the recruiting teams at tech start-ups who have successfully scaled. This is normally as a result of the size of the recruiting challenges they tend to face and the speed at which they must overcome them.

My guest this week is Anna Lambert, Director of Talent Acquisition at Shopify. Shopify is a great example of a tech company that has scaled massively and Anna has some great insights on recruiting innovation to share.

In the interview we discus:

•    How to maintain quality of hire as you grow

•    The life story approach to recruiting

•    Interview shadowing

•    Effective strategies to overcome human unconscious bias

•    The critical importance of employer brand

Anna also talks about the advantages of her non-recruiting background and gives her view on the outlook for the future.

Shopify are currently looking for new recruiters to join their team, more details are available on their careers site

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Ep 83: Persona Based Recruiting

I’ve noticed that there is an increasing amount of discussion about the use of personas as a tool for sourcing and recruitment marketing. However I also suspect that is still not a great deal of understanding about what personas actually are and just how useful they can be.

I can think of no better person to shed some light on this top than John Vlastelica from Recruiting Toolbox. John returns for a second visit to the show after his incredibly popular interview last year on hiring managers

In this interview we discuss:

What are personas, how can they be used and what are their advantages

The key components of a persona and how you go about creating them

How personas can be used to build pipelines in a way that massively accelerate time to hire

Using personas to help shape the recruiting sell by defining magnet people and magnet projects

John also give his thoughts on the future role of technology in this area and explains why he wants to see more employers using these  persona based methodologies.

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