Ep 83: Persona Based Recruiting

I’ve noticed that there is an increasing amount of discussion about the use of personas as a tool for sourcing and recruitment marketing. However I also suspect that is still not a great deal of understanding about what personas actually are and just how useful they can be.

I can think of no better person to shed some light on this top than John Vlastelica from Recruiting Toolbox. John returns for a second visit to the show after his incredibly popular interview last year on hiring managers

In this interview we discuss:

What are personas, how can they be used and what are their advantages

The key components of a persona and how you go about creating them

How personas can be used to build pipelines in a way that massively accelerate time to hire

Using personas to help shape the recruiting sell by defining magnet people and magnet projects

John also give his thoughts on the future role of technology in this area and explains why he wants to see more employers using these  persona based methodologies.

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Ep 82: Content Marketing For Employer Branding

Employer Branding and Content Marketing are two phrases that are being used more and more frequently these days. But what do they actually mean? How do they work together and why should employers be investing time and money into them?

My guest this week is someone who knows the answer to all of these questions, James Ellis from Bex Consultants. James is an Employer Brand and Content Marketing specialist who has some really interesting insights into these topics.

In the interview we discuss:

•    The definition of an Employer Brand

•    How employers can use re-framing to influence the perception of their brand

•    How Content Marketing can be used for Employer Brand activation

•    Brand patterns and story telling

•    The evolution of content formats

James also talks us through the employers who he thinks are doing this well and give his advice for companies who are just getting started on this journey

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Ep 81: The Perspectives Of A Group HR Director

As part of my continuing focus on getting a diverse range of opinions and voices on the show, this week I thought it would be interesting to get the views of a Global HR Director.

My guest for this episode is Graeme Cook, Group HR Director at ground engineering specialist Keller, a company who employ 10,000 people across 40 different companies. Graeme’s career has itself been a global one and he has worked in several different countries for his past employers, giving him a genuinely global perspective.

In the interview we discuss:

•    Some of the key considerations and challenges of operating HR at a global level

•    Skill shortages in the Oil, Gas and Engineering sectors

•    The three key parts of the HR Director’s role and HR’s position within the organization

•    Technology, automation and the future of HR

Graeme also talks about his transition from working in finance to working in HR and gives his views on the challenges of managing a multi-generational workforce.

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Ep 80: An Untapped Talent Pool

It has become very clear from the conversations I’ve been having with employers this year that the problems posed by current and future skill shortages have never been higher on their agenda. The best companies are acting to solve these problems by thinking differently and tapping into some extremely valuable pools of talent that they may have previously overlooked.

My guest this week is Jane Hatton Director of Evenbreak, a job board that matches talented disabled job seekers with inclusive employers.

In the interview we discuss:

•    The strong business case for employing disabled people

•    Popular misconceptions round the implications of employing disabled people

•    How people with particular impairments (autism as one example) can bring particular skills to the workplace

•    How employers should go about attracting disabled people to their organization and how they should be adapting their recruitment processes to get the best talent

•    Which employers are doing this well

Jane also shares her advice on the first steps employers should take to gain access to this valuable pool of talent

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Ep 79: Understanding Talent Acquisition Technology

Over the last few years there has been a massive proliferation in the number of talent acquisition tools and technologies on the market. The pace of change shows no sign of slowing down and it is increasingly difficult for talent acquisition leaders to know just where they should be focusing.

My guest this week is Lance Haun, Practice Leader at The Starr Conspiracy Intelligence Unit. The Starr Conspiracy have recently published their 2017 Talent Acquisition Brandscape Report. A piece of research designed to help make sense of a confusing and fast moving market.

In the interview we discuss:

•    How do you categorize and segment such a “nebulous” market sector

•    The current biggest area for innovation in talent acquisition

•    Dealing with the potential implications of Microsoft’s purchase of LinkedIn

•    The two key future trends everyone should be aware of

Lance also gives us his view on the future pace of change in the sector and the likely impact of any potential global economic slow down

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