Ep 85: Recruitment Marketing Platforms

Designed to make Talent Attraction more strategic and bring marketing technologies and techniques to recruiters, these platforms are certainly making an impact but I sense that there is still a lot of confusion surrounding them.

My guest this week is Madeline Laurano, principal analyst and co-founder of Aptitude Research Partners. Madeline has recently authored a market report on recruitment marketing platforms which is designed to give potential buyers much needed insight into this emerging space.

In the interview we discuss:

•    What recruitment marketing platforms are and what they are not
•    The changes in Talent Acquisition that are driving the market for this type of technology
•    The key features and capabilities of recruitment marketing platforms.
•    The value and results clients are seeing from using these platforms
•    What buyers should be looking for when selecting a recruitment marketing platform


Madeline also gives us her view on the likely future of this market in terms of partnerships and consolidation.
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