Ep 95: Data Driven Recruiting

Data and analytics continue to be key topics in Talent Acquisition. But what should employers be measuring, what value can the data give them and how widely is a data driven approach to recruiting actually being adopted?

To answer these questions as well as many others, I’m delighted to welcome Kyle Lagunas, Research Manager at IDC, as my guest for this week’s show. Kyle has been intensely studying the development of data driven recruiting for several years and has some very interesting insights to share.

In the interview we discuss:

• The gap between current technologies and adoption

• The evolution of measurement practices in recruiting

• Recruiting skills versus Recruitment Marketing skills

• How data can be used to optimize a recruiting operation

• What is possible with analytics and how to measure beyond the usual activity metrics

• An example strategic framework for developing data driving recruiting

Kyle also give us his view on the future of some other current trends in talent acquisition including AI, Recruitment Marketing Platform and Chatbots

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Ep 94: Trends In Tech Recruiting

The trends in tech recruiting are something that every employer should be following with interest. Even if your company isn’t currently recruiting tech professionals, it is important to know what is happening in the sector as the methodologies and practices being used for tech recruiting today, are likely to be used by everyone tomorrow. Tech Recruiting is the bellwether sector of our industry.

Who better to get us up to speed with developments in this area than my guest this week, Hung Lee the founder of Workshape.io. Hung always has some great insights to share and it was brilliant to have him on the show.

In the interview we discuss:

• The current challenges in tech recruiting and the strategic decisions companies need to make to deal with them

• The importance of mind-set shift

• Having an “Always On” attitude to recruiting

• Myth busting

• The re-invention of the recruitment process

• Interoperability, modularisation and decoupling

Hung also gives us his views on the future of the sector and shares some of the great content he has recently curated.

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Ep 93: The Future Of Recruitment Technology

This week we don’t just have one guest, we have eight guests!

A couple of weeks ago the guys at TA Tech invited me to the Rec Tech conference in Barcelona. Rec Tech is one of the biggest global trade conferences for the Job Board and Recruitment Technology industry.

In this episode of the podcast you’ll here from eight senior leaders from the industry talk about the future of their industry, the changing nature of candidate expectations, the threat from Google and the potential of programmatic advertising and artificial intelligence.

Thanks to the following people for taking part

•    Dennis Alshuler – Zip Recruiter

•    Renato Profico – Job Cloud

•    Dominique Cerri – InfoJobs

•    Monis Rahman – Rozee.pk

•    Ben Sole – Reed.co.uk

•    Angela Hood – This Way Global

•    Josh Gamble – Recruitics

•    Sergio Gonzalez – Cornerjobs

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Ep 92: Employee Experience

During the research process for my book, Exceptional Talent, it became clear that the importance of the concept of Employee Experience was growing rapidly.

To talk us through the reasons behind this and to break down the key elements of the employee experience, I’m delighted to welcome eminent futurist and best selling author Jacob Morgan to the show.

Jacob has recently written a new book called “The Employee Experience Advantage” which is based on detailed research into over 250 global employers.

In the interview we discuss:

•    The three systems that make up The Employee Experience

•    Corporate culture as the “side effects” of working for a particular organization

•    The four attributes of physical space

•    Tools to get the job done

•    The ROI of having a great Employee Experience

•    The future of HR

Jacob also give us some examples of employers who are doing great work shaping their Employee Experience and the trends we can expect to see in the coming few years

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Ep 91: The Rise Of People Analytics

One of the most talked about areas of HR and Recruiting is People Analytics. But why is it such a popular trend and, in practical terms, what does People Analytics actually even mean?

I can think of no one better qualified to answer these questions than David Green, Global Director of People Analytics Solutions at IBM and one of the world’s leading commentators on this topic. I’m delighted to have David as my guest on the show this week.

In the interview we discuss:

• David’s definition of People Analytics

• The difference between analytics and reporting

• Specific use cases of People Analytics across the talent lifecycle

• Why recruiting is such a good fit for People Analytics

• Predicting the future with Predictive Analytics

• Internal and external data sources

• AI and why we should believe some of the hype

David also shares his views on using analytics to improve the employee experience and gives us his predictions for the future of this space

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