Ep 80: An Untapped Talent Pool

It has become very clear from the conversations I’ve been having with employers this year that the problems posed by current and future skill shortages have never been higher on their agenda. The best companies are acting to solve these problems by thinking differently and tapping into some extremely valuable pools of talent that they may have previously overlooked.

My guest this week is Jane Hatton Director of Evenbreak, a job board that matches talented disabled job seekers with inclusive employers.

In the interview we discuss:

•    The strong business case for employing disabled people

•    Popular misconceptions round the implications of employing disabled people

•    How people with particular impairments (autism as one example) can bring particular skills to the workplace

•    How employers should go about attracting disabled people to their organization and how they should be adapting their recruitment processes to get the best talent

•    Which employers are doing this well

Jane also shares her advice on the first steps employers should take to gain access to this valuable pool of talent

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Ep 79: Understanding Talent Acquisition Technology

Over the last few years there has been a massive proliferation in the number of talent acquisition tools and technologies on the market. The pace of change shows no sign of slowing down and it is increasingly difficult for talent acquisition leaders to know just where they should be focusing.

My guest this week is Lance Haun, Practice Leader at The Starr Conspiracy Intelligence Unit. The Starr Conspiracy have recently published their 2017 Talent Acquisition Brandscape Report. A piece of research designed to help make sense of a confusing and fast moving market.

In the interview we discuss:

•    How do you categorize and segment such a “nebulous” market sector

•    The current biggest area for innovation in talent acquisition

•    Dealing with the potential implications of Microsoft’s purchase of LinkedIn

•    The two key future trends everyone should be aware of

Lance also gives us his view on the future pace of change in the sector and the likely impact of any potential global economic slow down

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Ep 78: Recruiting High Performance Start Up Teams

It is always important to step back and see the world through a different lens. With that in mind, I’ll be talking to several people on the show this year who have a vested interest in recruiting but aren’t viewing it from inside the industry bubble.

My guest on this week’s show is Charlie O’Donnell founder and partner at Brooklyn Bridge Ventures in New York. Charlie is an early stage investor in a number of fast growing start-up companies and has first-hand experience of seeing which recruiting strategies are working in these dynamic business environments.

In the interview we discuss:

•    The importance of effective team building

•    The challenges of defining and hiring to cultural fit

•    An “A Player” culture versus a learning based culture

•    Where the real skill shortages are in start-up recruitment

•    The effectiveness of having an iterative approach to developing job descriptions

Charlie also shares his advice on how recruiters and start up founders can work better together

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Ep 77: Employee Advocacy, Culture And Talent Attraction

Talent Attraction in areas of extreme skill shortage is something that is consistently difficult. I’m always interested in any creative ways that employers are using to tackle the problem, particularly when they don’t have a massive budget or unlimited resources to use to solve it.

My guest this week is Ruth Penfold, Director of Talent Acqusition at Shazam, a company who are regularly having to use innovative talent attraction approaches to bring on the board the talent they need.

In the interview we discuss:

•    Why Shazam’s existing employees are their most importance Talent Attraction tool and why recruitment is everyone’s responsibility

•    The benefits of a transparent culture

•    The importance of candidate communication and an authentic candidate experience

•    Why being seen in the right communities is critical to success

•    Generational mindset and purpose

We also discuss Shazam’s priorities for 2017 and Ruth gives us an insight into the unique musical experiences on offer to Shazam’s employees!

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Ep 76: HR and Digital Transformation

For this first episode of 2017 I wanted to offer you something a bit different. Last year I was fortunate enough to deliver the opening keynote at HR Tech Fest in Johannesburg. My topic was the dual role I feel HR needs to play in the digital transformation of business. It was quite a personal presentation for me as I shared some of the lessons that I’ve learned from the 20 years of my career I have spent being digital disruptive in several different industries.

The conference organizers, The Eventful Group, made an audio recording of the presentation which I’m delighted to share with you as this week’s podcast episode.

In the presentation, you’ll hear me talk about five key lessons I’ve learnt about digital transformation:

1)    Change is Exponential
2)    There is a Revolution at Work
3)    Exceptional Talent Wins
4)    Perfect is not Best
5)    Think the Unthinkable

In case you are wondering you don’t actual need to see the slides to understand the presentation but if you want to have a look you can find them here on SlideShare

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