Ep 72: Customers As Candidates

This week we return to the popular topic of improving the Candidate Experience. There is a lot of talk at the moment about the importance of treating candidate’s as customers but what happens when your candidates actually are your customers!

My guest this week is Ben Gledhill, Talent Acquisition manager at retailer Sofology. Sofology is going through a digital transformation process at the moment to fulfill its aim of being an omnichannel retailer. They have been looking hard at their candidate experience and Ben offers some great practical insights into their learning and the improvements they have made.

In the interview we discuss:

•    How a negative candidate experience can affect Sofology’s business

•    Building an emotional link with candidates

•    How to achieve total visibility on the candidate experience

•    Mandatory hiring manager interview training

•    The vital importance of a mobile optimized ATS

•    Using NPS ratings for candidate experience measurement

•    The value of explaining the recruitment process up front on the corporate career site

Ben also talks about what’s next for talent acquisition at Sofology and gives us his view on emerging recruitment technologies.

This episode of the podcast is kindly supported by HireVue

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Ep 71: How To Improve Your Career Site

The first digital project I ever worked on was building a career website for German engineering giant Siemens. Since then I’ve been fascinated by the evolution of corporate career sites and I am currently working with a number of my clients to help them optimize this area of their talent acquisition strategy.

My guest this week is someone who shares my obsession with career sites. Bas Van De Haterd is an independent consultant and entrepreneur based in The Netherlands. For the last 10 years Bas has run a major piece of research which audits the career sites of the largest 500 Dutch employers and he has a huge amount of insight to share.

In the interview we discuss:

•    How to audit a career site

•    The single simple thing employers could do which would improve their response rates by 25%

•    Three areas which can be improved to give a better candidate experience

•    How to optimize a legacy ATS system to improve the application process

•    The balance between jobs, conversion and employer branding

•    Bas also talks about the development of mobile and shares his thoughts on innovation in this area.

This episode of the podcast is supported by Metashift

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Ep 70: What’s Trending In Recruiting

In last week’s episode I featured interviews with nine people who were searching for innovation at the HR Tech Conference in Chicago. This week I wanted to continue the same theme but with more of a focus on specific trends in recruiting.

My guest this week is Andy McIlvaine who is conference chair for The Talent Acquisition Technology Conference and The Recruiting Trends Conference both of which are organized by Human Resource Executive (the company behind HR Tech) and take place in Austin Texas in November.

In the interview we discuss:

•    The changing role of video in the talent acquisition process

•    Candidate Relationship Management and Candidate Experience

•    The latest social media methods and Recruitment Marketing Platforms

•    Whether talent shortages are genuine and what employers can do to solve the problem

•    Unconscious bias in recruiting

•    Predictive Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Andy also gives us a taster of the case studies that will be presented at the conferences and shares what has surprised him the most as a journalist covering this sector.

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Ep 69: Hunting For Innovation At HR Tech

Innovation and disruption are words that are used so often these days it is sometimes difficult to spot technologies that are genuinely innovative and genuinely disruptive. This seems to be a particular problem in the HR and Recruiting space.

Last week I was one of the several thousand attendees at the HR Tech conference in Chicago trying to find clues about where our industry is heading. In this special HR Tech episode of the show you’ll hear from a number of people I met on my quest to discover HR innovation nirvana.

My guests are:

Gareth Jones from Chemistry Labs
Bill Boorman from Recruiting Daily
Kirstie Kelly from Launchpad
Robert Newry from Artic Shores
David Green from IBM
Al Ademsen from The Talent Strategy Institute
Chris Broderick from B .near Global
Manish Goel from Trustsphere
Neil Morrison from Penguin Random House

We discuss everything from People Analytics to fake Artificial Intelligence and attempt to make some sense of the diverse Hr technology landscape.

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Ep 68: How To Source The Very Best Talent

One of the topics we’ve never really covered in much detail on the podcast is the role of sourcing in corporate recruiting. It is obviously something that is absolutely critical to many organizations particularly those who are recruiting in market segments that are suffering skill shortages.

My guest this week is Chris Shaw Director of Talent at Meteor. Chris has previously been part of the recruiting team at Google and was part of the team who recruited 300 hires in 11 months at Twitter. At Meteor he focuses on recruiting the top 1% of the top 1% of technology talent and I’m delighted he agreed to come on the show to share his thoughts and some of the practical techniques he uses.

In the interview we discuss:

•    Why turning passive candidates into active ones is always better than post and pray

•    How to identify your Hiring Bar

•    The importance of a great ATS

•    Automation and personalization

Chris also gives us a step by step walk through of the techniques he uses and share his thoughts on the future of sourcing

This episode the podcast is kindly sponsored by Lever, where ATS meets CRM

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